VID2XML: Automatic Extraction of a Complete XML Data from Mobile Programming Screencasts

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#The replication contains different folder which we explain as follows. 

This folder contains the visual results of words, lines, and initial XML bounding boxes detection for the 10 different videos named as (vidID_debugs). 
Each image is named as (frameNumber_tagName), in which tagName could be words, lines, combined (words+lines), and bb (which shows a predicted boudning box for the XML region).

This folder contains the predicted bounding box for each frame in the ten videos. 

This folder contains two folders: (i) xml_gt which is the ground-truth XML data for each video, and (ii) xml_predicted which contains the predicted results.

contains the trained Faster R-CNN model that we used for locating the selected file in a given image/frame.

contains two folders: (i) VID2XML which contains the entire implementation of VID2XML, and (ii) replication which contains the code we used for replicating codeMotion and codeTube papers. 

contains the annotated selected file for the first fold