Vi-HaB data

Vi-HaB data

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rumshaa yunus
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Mon, 03/25/2019 - 09:12
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In robotic grasping and manipulation, force feedback is one of the most important factors. In the absence of force feedback, force control and compliant grasping is almost impossible. In this study a novel Vibrational Haptic feedback system is designed. The system gives individual digit awareness of a multipronged robotic gripper to the user. It also gives force level feedback from each fingertip and simultaneous multiple force level feedback, all through one wearable elastic “Vibrational Haptic Band (Vi-HaB)”.For testing the system accuracy Classical Psychophysical Methods were used on a group of 14 voluntary subjects. The tests were conducted in both, lab and real-world conditions i.e. without and with distractions. The system accuracy was compared with predefined performance measures. Wilcoxon Double-Sided Signed Rank test was also conducted to observe various trends in the data. The system is one of its kind, which can be used in multiple system i.e. in telerobotic grippers, Rehabilitation systems, Virtual reality and for verification on JND levels.


There are two Zip files. one is the "Questionnaires.pdf" which was filled for each subject while testing. It is a set consisting of the consent form and the tables of three activities.

Second file is the "Wilcoxon Test matlab files". It consists of the matlab .m file for wilcoxon test and the saved workspace file. Unzip the file in a folder. open the .m file in MATLAB. Then navigate to the resected folder through the current directory in which the workspace file is placed. Run the code and see the Wilcoxon test results in realtime.

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