V-Librasil - A New Dataset with Signs in Brazilian Sign Language (Libras)

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Cin - UFPE
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Ailton Rodrigues
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Wed, 04/03/2024 - 12:50
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This work presents a new labeled dataset of videos with native and professional interpreters articulating words and expressions in Libras (Brazilian Sign Language). We used a methodology based on related studies, the support of the team of articulators, and the existing datasets in the literature. We also created a correlation of signals with the principal signal dataset in the literature, the American Sign Language Lexicon Video Dataset - ASLLVD, to enable an association between the signals in Libras and ASL, and promote the development of recognition and translation systems between the two sign languages. The V-Librasil dataset consists of a Portuguese-Libras compilation. The Portuguese partition is formed by 1364 terms extracted and translated from the ASLLVD dataset. These terms were communicated in the Brazilian Sign Language by three articulators, totaling 4089 signs. Furthermore, the signals were filmed in a chroma key environment, allowing the simulation of different backgrounds after recording the signals. The dataset is publicly available on a structured platform https://libras.cin.ufpe.br/. This dataset will allow training and validation of different models based on machine learning that can recognize and translate signals from one language to another since the literature lacks datasets in Libras this scope, quality, and quantity 

                     The data available from these pages can be used for research and education purposes, but cannot be redistributed without permission. Commercial use, without explicit permission, is not allowed, nor are any patents and copyrights based on this material.Those making use of these data must, in resulting publications or presentations, include appropriate citations:
Ailton José Rodrigues, "V-LIBRASIL:Uma base de dados com sinais na Língua Brasileira de Sinais (Libras)", Dissertação de Mestrado, Centro de Informática-CIN, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco-UFPE, 2021.


V-LIBRASIL Website Usage Manual


I - View the signs on the website

There are two ways to view the information, navigate through the pages using the tab mapping shown at the bottom of the page, or search for specific terms or keywords in the "Search" area.

I.1 - Navigate the tab mapping

1. On the home page, a table is displayed containing the signal made, the number of occurrences, and a link to each of the articulators' videos.

2. The signals are displayed in alphabetical order.

3. At the end of the page, we present a mapping of the pages. This mapping can be used to navigate between pages.

I.2 - Search by terms or keywords

1. Enter the term to be searched in the "Search" field, use the full name or part of it.

2. After entering the term, click on the "Search" button.

3. The corresponding results to the term will be presented on the screen. If there is no related term, the message "Nothing to display" will be displayed.

4. View the video of a signal by clicking on the "View" link in the field of interest. It is possible to see all the videos by clicking on the name of the term in the "Signal" column of the grid.

II - Download the signals

1. The "Download" tab allows downloading all videos or downloading the videos divided by articulator.

Menu Items

The main menu bar contains the items: Home, Feedback, About, Download, and Portuguese / English.

The Home menu item allows returning to the home page of the website.

The Feedback item has the following sub-items: Comments on the website and report missing signal. By clicking "Comments on the site" a page containing a form is presented, in which comments and suggestions can be inserted. The "Report a missing signal" item opens a new form that allows entering information about a missing signal or the inconsistencies in labeling an available signal.

The menu item About the following sub-items: Copyright, Manual, Conditions of use and Contact us. The copyright tab shows the copyright and usage information that guides the use of the repository. The Manual item presents the instructions for using the repository. In Contact with us, the e-mail addresses of the researchers are available. 

The Download menu allows downloading all the videos grouped or separated by articulator.


The Portuguese/English menu allows changing the language of the repository to Portuguese or English.


V-Librasil - A New Dataset with Signs in Brazilian Sign Language (Libras)

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