A Novel Digital Signal Processing Software Text-To-Speech

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Walid Y
Department of Electrical Engineering, Imperial College
A. G.
Department of Electrical Engineering, Imperial College
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Walid Alali
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Sat, 08/26/2023 - 23:12
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This paper is a novel digital signal processing software of the advanced conversion of text-to-speech synthesis technology, which has been available as a range of hardware products for more than ten years, to software. It was initially created as a replacement for character cell terminals and telephony applications, but it is now also used to give people who are visually impaired access to information. With a digital formant synthesizer used to mimic the human vocal tract, text-to-speech quality is very high in both understandability and naturalness. The computational requirements of this synthesizer put a tremendous amount of strain on a workstation in the days before extremely fast processors. Multiple text streams were simultaneously converted to speech for this study using a Digital Equipment AlphaModel 600 workstation. Modern RISC processor power enables applications to freely output speech. A text-to-speech application programming interface (API) is now necessary as a result of this capability. The TTS software API we created is compatible with a wide range of hardware and operating systems. The architecture of the TTS software is described in this paper. Additionally, the API is mentioned. Finally, we describe our experience porting the TTS code base from the previous hardware platforms.


This Research was Published in July 18, 1991

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