Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Digital Filter Applications

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Walid Y
Department of Electrical Engineering, Imperial College
T. N.
Department of Electrical Engineering, Imperial College
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Walid Alali
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Fri, 02/09/2024 - 19:53
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We discuss the use of multi-rate FIR filters in radio frequency (RF) transient spectroscopy as well as the implementation challenges these multi-rate filters face when used in this application to reduce the sampling rate (decimation) and raise the sampling rate (interpolation). On a Texas Instruments TMS320-C30 DSP processor, all implementation measurements given here were carried out.
We have reported the application of multirate FIR filtering to radio frequency (RF) transient spec­ troscopy, and the implementation issues of these multirate filters for sampling rate reduction (dec­imation), and sampling rate increase (interpolation) in this application. These implementation issues include the transient response of the digital filters and the aliasing noise due to the decima­tion process in the passband and the stopband of the digital decimating filters. All implementation measurements reported here were performed on a Texas Instruments TMS320-C30 DSP chip.


This Research was Published in May 1989


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