New Proposed Overcurrent Relay Coordination for Microgrid Protection

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Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon
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Arturo Enriquez
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Thu, 07/16/2020 - 17:32
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These data are complementary to the paper: " New Proposed Overcurrent Relay Coordination
for Microgrid Protection"


The paper presents a protection of microgrids (MGs) through a proposed coordination of directional overcurrent relays (DOCRs). The new formulation is subject to restrictions of pre-established time intervals at each coordination point to guarantee the primary and backup functions of each relay; thus, the obtained time curve guarantees functional independence between the relays, like the other protection principles. Conventional coordination criteria are not applied since the setting of each relay is stand-alone. This coordination criterion has advantages during contingencies, topological changes, or during the formation of islands since it will only be necessary to update the setting in the affected relays, simplifying the implementation of on-line protection schemes. An on-line system is also presented for the dynamic detection of vulnerable protection zones due to the loss of sensitivity of the relays, as well as adjustments and temporary solutions as remedial action. The
results show that the proposed method is feasible; in the power systems studied, the total operation time of the relays was less that of the conventional coordination method. Further simplification in the relay adjustment process under the different contingencies studied was obtained, improving the sensitivity for the various operating conditions in the test systems.


 DIgSILENT is used for n–1 contingence for the calculation of Ipickup and for dynamic operative conditions.

The xlsx show the setings of relays for complementary cases studied in the paper

The parameters of micro grid system is presented in txt file