A Near-Optimal Detection of Heavily ISI-Corrupted Monobit Digitized Signals

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The m-files QFEI15a15a2Tc49Th3999992Ns19.mQFEI11a11a2Tc63Th3999992Ns15.m, and QFEI7a7a2Tc98Th3999992Ns10.m generate the curves plotted in Fig. 11 of the submitted manuscript.

The m-file OptimumThresholdTheoreticalUpNEW7a7Ns10.m generates the theoretical BER curves in Fig. 10 for PB=7, Tc=98*21, FoF=0.975, and Thre1=39.9992.

To plot the theoretical curves of Fig. 6, please change the value of PB and Tc to 4 and 749*21, respectively, and use one of the following three sets at a time at lines 6 and 7 of the code:

1- Use FoF=0.975 and Thre1=39.9992

2- Use FoF=0.95 and Thre1=19.9996

3- Use FoF=0.9 and Thre1=9.9998


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Please change the MATLAB active folder to the downloaded folder and run the code you wish. You see that the proposed inter-symbol interference (ISI) cancellation technique really works and fully cancels out ISI after a severe nonliniearity caused by the monobit quantizer.