Chronotype in Carbohydrates intake and cardiovascular risk, NHANES 2015

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Victorine Raissa
Ngo Nkondjock
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Victorine Raiss...
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Thu, 01/30/2020 - 00:04
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When sleep matters for the promotion of heart health, multidisciplinary research is essential. The present dataset is fetched from the National Health And Nutrition Survey (NHANES), with the main consumption of carbohydrates, bedtime and waking hours, and High sensitivity C- Reactive Protein (HSCRP) translating cardiovascular risk. As the outcome variable, HSCRP records from 5,665 participants are available in this dataset for analysis purpose.


These data is presented into a spreadsheet. The document contains 2 different sheets. The first sheet is titled ''Chronotype_NHANES'', it is the sheet that counts the variables with their names codified, and the values for each variable and for each participants. The second sheet is ''titled ''data dictionary'', this is the sheet that gives the necessary information about the codes of the variables and their details for better use.



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