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When sleep matters for the promotion of heart health, multidisciplinary research is essential. The present dataset is fetched from the National Health And Nutrition Survey (NHANES), with the main consumption of carbohydrates, bedtime and waking hours, and High sensitivity C- Reactive Protein (HSCRP) translating cardiovascular risk. As the outcome variable, HSCRP records from 5,665 participants are available in this dataset for analysis purpose.


These data was used to find out the relationship between Blood pressure, Hypertension Occurence and Dietary Calcum intake in Rural and Urban located populations.

Data Source : China Health and Nutrition SUrvey 


Data Dictionnary


Relationship between Dietary Calcium, Blood Pressure and Hypertension occurrence in Rural and Urban populations: Analysis of longitudinal data from the China Health and Nutrition Survey (CHNS)


The present document is submitted along with its data spreadsheet where variables are presented into codes or abbreviations. The following lines will present the variables units, range categorization, and meanings.

Id: Participants Identification Numbers in each Survey year


Age     : Participants Age at each year of survey


Location: participants’ living location; 1 for Urban Location and 2 for Rural Location


Gender: Participants’ Gender


Nation: Participants’ Nationalities


Waves: Survey years, starting from 2000 to 2009; there are 4 survey’s in all, 2000, 2004, 2006, and 2009.


Smoking: Participants’ smoking status categorized into two; 0 for Non-smokers and 1 for Smokers         


Alcohol: Alcohol consumption frequency per week; 1 unit represents 1 glass of alcohol drink.


DgHBP: Hypertension Diagnostics report; 0 for No Hypertension diagnostic report, 1 for Any Diagnostic report.


SBP : 3 times mean Systolic Blood pressure measurement for each participant


DBP: 3 times mean Diastolic Blood pressure measurement for each participant


BMI: Participants’ Body Mass Index calculating using participants’ Weight and Height in the Adolphe Quetelet Formula[i]


NRG: Participants’ Energy intake      expressed in Kcal


DietCa: Participants’ Dietary Calcium Intake expressed in mg        


Met_m: Physical activity expressed in hours per week         

[i]Weight (Cm)/[Height (m)]2



Effects of plants on glucose metabolism have been highlighted and are of particular interest in Type 2 Diabetes (T2DM). Zingiber Officinale (ZO) for instance, is a plant widely used as a spice, known for its hypoglycaemic and hypolipidaemic virtues. However, few studies were conducted in humans, and none have used reference methods for assessing glucose metabolism. The study aims to evaluate the effect of ginger extracts supplementation on diabetes mellitus patients metabolic profile.






Recent researches suggest assessing more ethnic disparities in hypertension (HTN). On the other hand, studies reveal impressive mortality rates due to cardiovascular diseases for some breeds compared to others.