In-Band Full-Duplex Underwater Acoustic Communication Measurements in a Lake Environment

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The University of Alabama
The University of Alabama
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Zheng Guo
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Thu, 10/14/2021 - 22:27
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The presented data contain recordings of underwater acoustic transmissions collected from a field experiment whose goal was to evaluate the feasibility of in-band full-duplex acoustic communications in the underwater environment. The experiment was conducted in Lake Tuscaloosa in June 2021. Two boats, each equipped with an instrument line, were deployed for the experiment. For the local instrument line, the transducer was mounted 6 meters below the water surface. The receiving array was placed 7 meters below the transducer. Eight hydrophones were equally spaced over the 2.8-m receiving array. The remote instrument line shared a similar configuration with the local instrument line, but was with only one hydrophone. Two mutually independent binary phase-shift keying sequences were transmitted simultaneously by the local and remote transmitters at the same frequency band. Two carrier frequencies, 28 kHz and 10 kHz, were used. The receptions were recorded in .wav audio files by the high-precision digital hydrophones. In addition to the acoustic data, a complete set of source information, environmental measurements, and GPS data are included in the data package. Matlab programs are also provided to retrieve the data and facilitate further analysis.


Please read the following files for the data instructions:

· User Guide for Measurements of In-Band Full-Duplex Underwater Acoustic Communications.pdf

· readme.txt