We have designed a ZYNQ SDR-based platform that utilizes real on-air 5G new radio (NR) signals to develop and test the performance of channel estimation for wireless channel estimators. On-air samples are obtained via the SDR platform to determine the unknown values of the channel response using known values at the pilot locations. We have collected extensive channel estimation data under a variety of scenarios: 1) line-of-sight (LOS), 2) LOS multipath and 3) non-LOS multipath. We have considered 2m,4m,6m test cases to simulate meter-level indoor positioning for indoor scenarios.


The presented data contain recordings of underwater acoustic transmissions collected from a field experiment whose goal was to evaluate the feasibility of in-band full-duplex acoustic communications in the underwater environment. The experiment was conducted in Lake Tuscaloosa in June 2021. Two boats, each equipped with an instrument line, were deployed for the experiment. For the local instrument line, the transducer was mounted 6 meters below the water surface. The receiving array was placed 7 meters below the transducer.


(1) Ultimate frisbee involves frequent cutting motions, which have a high risk of ACL injury, especially for female players. This study investigated the in-game cutting maneuvers performed by female ultimate frisbee athletes to understand the movements that could put them at risk of ACL injury. (2) Lower-body kinematics and movement around the field were reconstructed from wearable lower-body inertial sensors worn by 12 female players during 16 league-sanctioned ultimate frisbee games. (3) 422 cuts were identified from speed and direction change criteria.