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In this dataset, 4 radio channel measurements at 28 GHz are presented. These have been captured in two different spots of a highway with a fixed Tx and a mobile Rx onboard a car, emulating a V2I link. The Tx was placed both on the roadside (3 measurement runs) and on an overpass (1 measurement). Each run consists of around 4.29 s of continuously captured channel impulse responses (CIRs), with a channel sampling period of 65 μs and a delay resolution of 2 ns.


results obtained from a vehicle- to-vehicle channel measurement campaign carried out in the millimeter-wave band around a 60 GHz center frequency and with 8 GHz of bandwidth. We characterize a situation of two oncoming cars on a two-lane road in the campus of the Brno University of Technology. The measurement campaign consists of two independent runs of the vehicles. During each measurement run, we have acquired 468 CIR realizations. This gives almost 1000 CIR recordings in total