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Aself-moving piezoelectric actuator (SMPA) with high carrying/positioning capability is presented in this article. Its Π-shaped mechanical part comprises four piezo-legs, each of which combines the bending vibrations in the first three orders into the motion in the quasi- sawtooth waveform at the driving foot. Besides, a homemade onboard circuit is integrated with the mechanical part to form compact structure.


This dataset was initially collected by Mrs Athira P K  with the help of  teachers and students of Rahmania school for handicapped, Kozhikode, Kerala, India. Later the dataset was extended by many other BTech and MTech students with the help of their friends.

MUDRA NITC dataset consists of videos of static and dynamic gestures of Indian sign language. In static gestures mainly static alphabets videos and  preprocessed image frames are included.


The integration of communication and artificial intelligence has become a development trend, one of the applications is semantic communication, but the current research lacks the support of comprehensive datasets. To solve this problem, we built a new image and video dataset, named SCO dataset, for the researches on semantic communication and computing. First, we introduce the peculiarities of the dataset, which contains 5100 images and 138 video clips. Secondly, we we give the data generation and processing methods of the dataset, including images and videos.