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These datasets are part of Community Resource for Archiving Wireless Data (CRAWDAD). CRAWDAD began in 2004 at Dartmouth College as a place to share wireless network data with the research community. Its purpose was to enable access to data from real networks and real mobile users at a time when collecting such data was challenging and expensive. The archive has continued to grow since its inception, and starting in summer 2022 is being housed on IEEE DataPort.

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200 hours of accelerometer information recorded over 25 days from 5 participants.

To help us better understand the properties of various energy sources and their impact on energy harvesting adaptive algorithms, we collected acceleration traces from different participants.

release date: 2014-05-13


This dataset includes the rotor geometrical parameters (*.csv) and motor parameters (*.csv) of interior permanent magnet synchronous motors. The rotor geometry covers three structures: 2D-, V-, and Nabla-structures. The motor parameters are generated by machine learning based on the finite element analysis results. The software JMAG Designer 19.1 was used for the finite element analysis.



Although several databases of handwriting movements have been created so, none of them has been specifically designed for studying the effect of age during ellipse drawing. Ninety subjects voluntarily participated in the database construction. Their age ranged from 19 to 85 years: 30 participants in the range [19, 39] years, 30 in the range [40, 59] and 30 subjects in the range [60, 85]. Twenty-six women (range 19-72 years) and sixty-four men (range 25-85 years) participated.


One of the industries that uses Machine Learning is Radiation Oncology


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