The Bengaluru Mobility Challenge, 2024

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06/10/2024 to 09/19/2024
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Bengaluru Traffic
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Raghuram Krishn...
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Mon, 07/15/2024 - 06:46
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Bengaluru has been ranked the most congested city in India in terms of traffic for several years now. This hackathon is aimed at creating innovative solutions to the traffic management problem in Bengaluru, and is co-sponsored by the Bengaluru Traffic Police, the Centre for Data for Public Good, and the Indian Institute of Science (IISc). The hackathon will have two phases. The first phase will be about short-term traffic volume prediction, given video feeds from cameras installed at junctions. The second phase will be about vehicle re-identification.

Phase 1: This phase will start in the second week of June and the submissions will be evaluated in the last week of August, 2024. A leader board will be created, and the top teams as of the end of July 2024 will be recognised in a special session at the CyberPhysical Systems Symposium (CyPhySS) 2024, which will be run from July 25-28, 2024 at IISc. The prizes for this phase will be announced in August, and the awards will be given at the Symposium of Data for Public Good at IISc in September.

The participants in this phase will be provided with camera feeds from 23 Safe City cameras in northern Bengaluru, around the IISc campus. The task will be to provide short-term (e.g., 30 minutes into the future) predictions of the vehicle counts (by vehicle type) as well as vehicle turning patterns at certain points and junctions of the road network. The predictions may be at different points different from the locations where the camera feeds are available.

Phase 2: In this phase, the participants will be asked to re-identify vehicles seen at some locations of the network at other locations of the network, and estimate the origin-destination (O-D) flows for this part of the network for a particular time period. The O-D flow estimates are critical for transportation planning, what-if analysis, etc. This phase will conclude with demos by finalists and announcement of winners on September 20, 2024 in conjunction with the Symposium of Data for Public Good at IISc.

The hackathon will be conducted by an organising committee with members from the Centre of Data for Public Good (CDPG), FSID, IISc, and the Centre for infrastructure, Sustainable Transportation and Urban Planning (CiSTUP), IISc, with help and advice from the Bengaluru Traffic Police, and other industry partners. The organising committee may interact with the participants via periodic virtual meetings or an online forum to address any questions or concerns they might have regarding the detailed description of the hackathon and the rules and regulations.


Phase 1:
  • First prize: Rs. 2.5 lakhs in cash.
  • Second prize: Rs. 1.5 lakhs in cash.
  • Special recognition prize Rs. 25,000 to remaining finalists.

(These prizes are subject to any applicable mandatory tax deductions.)

Phase 2:
  • First prize: Rs. 4.0 lakhs in cash.
  • Second prize: Rs. 2.5 lakhs in cash.
  • Special recognition prize Rs. 25,000 to remaining finalists.

(These prizes are subject to any applicable mandatory tax deductions.)

Important Dates

Registration deadline for teams to participate in Phase 1

June 30, 2024

Final submission of entries for Phase 1

August 19, 2024

Award announcement of Phase 1

August 26, 2024

Registration of teams to participate in Phase 2

July 19, 2024

Final submission of entries for Phase 2

September 9, 2024

Award announcement of Phase 2

September 20, 2024





Each team may have up to five members. An individual can be a member of only one team in each phase. All members of a team need to be residents of India. If the team is selected as a finalist in a phase, at least one of the team members must be physically present at the conference venue to demonstrate their solution.

Rules of Participation

All teams wishing to participate must sign up for the competition on IEEE DataPort. Each team is allowed to create only one account. Privately sharing code or data outside of teams is not permitted. There are also restrictions on data access and usage as described in detail below. Only one submission per team is allowed. If a team makes multiple submissions before the deadline, the last one will be considered. The same team cannot make submissions from multiple accounts. Team mergers are allowed before the submission deadlines, as long as the total number of members in the merged team does not exceed five.

Data Access and Use

The data provided will be only for use within the competition. The participants give an undertaking that the data will not be used for any purpose other than the hackathon. The participants also must not try and reveal any personally identifiable information present in the videos. In addition, participants must not place this data in the public domain. 

Source Code and Publications

The participating teams can make use of any open source code or software in building their solutions, provided such use is permitted by the owners of the open source code. The participants are free to publish their algorithms, methodologies and other findings in the form of articles. However, they must clearly acknowledge the hackathon in their publications.

All participating teams will be expected to make their source code available to the evaluation committee for scoring purposes. We expect that the algorithms and insights that are generated out of this hackathon will be applicable at a larger scale for the entire city of Bengaluru, and with enhancements and inclusion of other data sets, will help agencies managing traffic build a reliable traffic model for Bengaluru and other cities in India. Therefore, in the interest of the larger public good, we expect the finalists of Phase 1 and Phase 2 to make their code open source at the end of the competition (i.e., after the prizes are announced for Phase 2), under Apache 2.0 licence. However, they must maintain the video data that is shared as private. 

Prospective participants (teams) can either register for both phases or just one phase. At the end of each phase, five teams will be selected as finalists. All finalists will receive a nominal award (see below), The teams participating in Phase 1 will have the option to continue to participate in the second phase of the hackathon, or stop after Phase 1. If the finalists of Phase 1 decide not to participate in Phase 2, they would need to agree to make their code available under Apache 2.0 licence to participants of Phase 2. In this way, the participants of Phase 2, if they so choose, can build on the ideas from Phase 1. If the participants make any further enhancements to their code beyond the competition, they need not make the new versions available in open source. 

Please see the uploaded document "BTP hackathon description.pdf" for details.

Registration for Phase 1 of the competition is now closed. You may only submit the request to register for Phase 2 until July 19.

For further questions, please contact: 

Registration for Phase 2 and Data Access Request

Please complete the form below to request access to this data competition


Looks like a great competition!!!

I applied for the competition and i got the confirmation mail yet i still can't seem to be able to access the dataset? Can you resolve this issue

I have created IEEE account and also registered for the competition. I have received confirmation mail also. Still I am not able to access the dataset files. Kindly look into the problem and resolve the issue.


Did you get Solution

I have the same issue as well, it shows access denied even though I have a mail which says otherwise.

How to register to the competition

I have created IEEE account and also registered for the competition. I have received confirmation mail also. Still I am not able to access the dataset files. Kindly look into the problem and resolve the issue.


Unable to access files even after getting confirmation 


Some of you have sent email to "" regarding data access issue. We are investigating the matter and hope to resolve this issue soon. Please continue to use" for any queries. Thanks.

Sir I'm unable to register for this event, Can you explain the flow to register for this. me and my teammate both logged into ieee dataport


Same issue as the others are facing here. Please resolve this!

My teammate an I both logged into the IEEE DataPort now, I'm unsure about the registration, there is a button named "Enter a Submission" and below that there is something called 'Apply for access'. My Teammate filled them. According to it "I am requesting access to the data for the 'Bengaluru Mobility Challenge, 2024' and agree to the IEEE Dataport terms of use as well as the 'Rules of Participation' and 'Data Access and Use' sections above." Under rules of participation it says 2 of us can't register as we have to create only one account, but there is no mention of teammates. How will the organiser know who are teammates?

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We are a team of 3 people. In order to have access to the data my other team members have also filled the form

However we will be finally submitting a single solution as a team.

Hope it is fine.


Hey were to able to access the dataset file? if so it would really be nice if you could help me out with it...i am not able to access them...please provide some instructions or steps if  possible?

sir, i did regester for this by filling "APPLY FOR ACCESS". but it is just for the access for data.

should i and my team register somewhere else?

Dear organising team,

We haven't received registration confirmation yet.

Kindly help as today is the last date.


Hello Team, 

We applied on 29th June and haven't received registration confirmation yet, please resolve at earliest convenience before the deadline. 

Best Regards,

Christina Joseph Jyothula

We have registered for the competition but didn't get confirmation mail yet. Please look into this matter. I have created IEEE account and fill name , email, team size etc for the competition but haven't received any mail regarding this. Please resolve this issue.

How can we access the dataset since I'm trying the AWS method but I don't have any "get AWS key" button/ option coming in the profile?

Can anyone explain the process of registering in the event ?

Unable to register.

Where and how do I register for the Phase 2 hackathon?

Where to fill team details?

Hi. I am participating in this hackathon for phase 1. I would like to know the size of the dataset :)

Hello! Were you able to download the files?

Sir we did not get registration mail can you please send it?

 Until when exactly the submission window is open for Phase 1? 

I have registered and received the mail that access for dataset for phase 2 will be given soon but I have still not gotten access.When I click on request access it redirects to registration page again.Kindly resolve the issue.

Has anybody accessed the dataset files? ie videos. If did please give a rundown on how you downloaded it! Because even after receiving confirmation email, it is still asking for request access. 

Hi, I recently registered for the hackathon and got access to data files but, noticed that there is no annotations for any of them. Is it yet to be released?

hello! can you please tell how to access the data set? is there any procedure for it? we have regisstered but still not able to access.

hello , can you please tell how you accessed the dataset? I have registered but still havent gotten access 


Sir we are not able to access the dataset files so please help to access them, as we are eager to start working on our project.

Can i register alone as a solo member or i need team to register

Dataset Files

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