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Teddy Surya
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International Islamic University Malaysia
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Signal Processing and Machine Learning
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Professor Teddy Surya Gunawan received his BEng degree in Electrical Engineering with cum laude award from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia, in 1998. He obtained his M.Eng degree in 2001 from the School of Computer Engineering at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and a PhD degree in 2007 from the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications, The University of New South Wales, Australia. His research interests are speech and audio processing, biomedical signal processing and instrumentation, image and video processing, and parallel computing. He was awarded the Best Researcher Award in 2018 from IIUM. He is currently an IEEE Senior Member (since 2012), was chairman of IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society – Malaysia Section (2013 and 2014), Professor (since 2019), Head of Department (2015-2016) at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Head of Programme Accreditation and Quality Assurance for Faculty of Engineering (2017-2018), International Islamic University Malaysia. He is Chartered Engineer (IET, UK) and Insinyur Profesional Madya (PII, Indonesia) since 2016, upgraded to Insinyur Profesional Utama (PII, Indonesia) since 2021, a registered ASEAN engineer since 2018, and ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer since 2020.

Datasets & Competitions

The data collection questionnaire consisted of two sections. One section involved the collection of data via Google Forms questionnaires, and the other involved the collection of WhatsApp voice samples. There were three subsections in the questionnaire section. The first consisted of the individual's basic information, such as email address, name, and identification number. The second was the personal health questionnaire depression scale (PHQ8), which included 8 groups of statements, and the third was the Beck Depression Inventory-II, which contained 21 groups of statements.