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Datasets & Competitions

We introduce a dataset concerning electric-power consumption-related features registed in seven main municipalities of Nariño, Colombia, from 2010 to 2016. The dataset consists of 4423 socio-demographic characteristics, and 6 power-consumption-referred measured values. Data were fully collected by the company Centrales Eléctricas de Nariño (CEDNEAR) according to the client consumption records.


Power consumption is obtained by manually recording the amount of

Kw/h consumed each month using the electric energy meter of the

clients. Socio-demographic data were collected from the records

available in databases of CEDENAR. Here in, to set the stratum

(categorization of socioeconomic level in Colombia) of the clients,

Colombian Law 732 of 2002 [1] was adopted. It has six level are

individually incorporated as follows: 0 = Low-low, 1 = Low, 2 = Medium-

Low, 3 = Medium, 4 = Medium-High, 5 = high.


The electronic system has been design to know the position human body. Of this way the system use a three axis accelerometer to detect five common positions (i) ventral decubitus, (ii) right lateral decubitus, (iii) left lateral decubitus, (iv) supine decubitus and (v) seated.  The sensor data was acquire with ten diferrents persons, their each positions was  how they felt confortable. The accelerometer acquire data from  3 axis possible (X,Y,Z)


The unbalanced data set is for classification tasks.  The sensor has been put in the chest  and  Y axis pointing the chin. The labels corresponding the human position as follows.

Label       Position

1            supine decubitus    

2             left lateral decubitus

3             right lateral decubitus

4             seated

5              ventral decubitus


Pressure position sensors and actuators are represented by red large and blue circles on the seating, respectively. Black circles display ultrasound sensors in the backrest, yellow arrows show output peripheral, and red arrows indicate peripheral input into the analog-digital converter.S1= Preasure sensor, value 0-1023 decimalS2= Preasure sensor, value 0-1023 decimalS3= Preasure sensor, value 0-1023 decimalS4= Ultrasonic sensor, value 0-15 cm


Each label correspond to:

Label         Position                                             Possible health problems

1                Right position                                    No harm


2                Higher pressure or right side             Respiratory issues, muscle imbalance stress on liver, stomach and right kidney


3                 Higher pressure or left side              Respiratory issues, muscle imbalance stress on liver, stomach and left kidney


4                 Higher forward pressure                   Knee issues, back pain and stress on abodmen