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Datasets & Competitions

# Student Test Results Prediction based on Learning Behavior: Learning Beyond Tests

Dataset Part A: The Goal is to predict Test Results, in the form of averaged correctness, averaged timespent in the test, based only on the learning history (learning  behavior records)

Dataset Part B: The objective is to predict the last test results, points and scores, based on the learning behavior records and the first test results.

# About the dataset

The raw data is provided by where a large number of students participated in math learning and tests, online. 


We provide a public available database for arcing event detection. We design a platform for arcing fault simulation. The arc simulation is carried out in our local lab under room temperature. A general procedure to collect the arcing and normal current and voltage wave, is designed, which consists of turning on the load, generating arc, stoping arc, turning off the load. The data is collected by a 16bit, 10KHz high resolution recorder and a 12bit, 64000Hz low resolution sensor.