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Datasets & Analysis

This Dataset contains EEG recordings from epileptic rats. The genetic absence epilepsy rats (GAERS) are one of the best-established rodent models for generalized epilepsy. The rats show seizures with characteristic "spike and wave discharge" EEG patterns. Experiments were performed in accordance with the German law on animal protection and were approved by the Animal Care and Ethics Committee of the University of Kiel.


For detailed information on the dataset and the classified date, please take a look at the documentation file.

If you use the data set in your research or publications, please reference this IEE Dataport dataset (DOI:  ) and our publication:

Bahr, A.; Schneider, M.; Francis, M.A.; Lehmann, H.M.; Barg, I.; Buschhoff, A.-S.; Wulff, P.; Strunskus, T.; Faupel, F. Epileptic Seizure Detection on an Ultra-Low-Power Embedded RISC-V Processor Using a Convolutional Neural Network. Biosensors 2021, 11, 203.