Results of a comparison of traffic-free path planning primitives

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Antonio Artuñedo
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Antonio Artunedo
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Tue, 05/17/2022 - 22:21
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These datasets include the results from the comparison of different traffic-free path planning strategies presented in the work entitled "A primitive comparison for traffic-free path planning",  Antonio Artuñedo, Jorge Godoy, Jorge Villagra.


The dataset files are named as follows: p'x'.csv, where 'x' is the percentile used to filter data included in the file. Each file contains data of both considered scenarios.


The content of the datasets is organized in set a columns that represent the concrete test cases setup included in each row.

The columns order is:

  1. ID: Test case identifier.
  2. ID_num: Test case number.
  3. Scenario: Scenario number.
  4. RP select method: Referenc points selection method
  5. Primitive: Primitive used in the test case
  6. RP opt. method: Reference points optimization method
  7. RP opt. algorithm: Reference points optimization algorithm
  8. RP cost fcn.: Cost function used in reference points optimization
  9. SP opt. method: Seeding points optimization method
  10. SP opt. algorithm: Seeding points optimization algorithm
  11. SP cost fcn.: Cost function used in seeding points optimization
  12. Init. heading: Initial heading setting
  13. Final heading: Final heading setting
  14. Init. curv.: Initial curvature setting.
  15. Final curv.: Final curvature setting.
  16. K_t (exc. time): time KPI 
  17. K_kmax: Maximum curvature KPI
  18. K_k0: KPI related to curvature along the path
  19. K_k1: KPI related to the first derivative of curvature along the path
  20. K_k2: KPI related to the second derivative of curvature along the path
  21. K_cl: KPI related to centreline offset.

For further details please find the paper in this link:, or contact the corresponding author at

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