IoT Specifications, Traceability Matrix and Test Cases based on GSM

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Sherin Moussa
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Sun, 09/13/2020 - 08:52
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The global system for mobile communications (GSM) supports mobile operators for cellular networks. Huge devices are connected to obtain services through the internet. To avoid failures when connecting IoT devices to mobile networks, GSM has provided IoT device connection efficiency common test cases (TCs) and guidelines as per the IoT systems specifications. GSM produces TCs at least each year since 2015 till present. The main IoT device connection requirements were produced in 2014 (GSM 2014) and 2015 (GSM 2015) with size of 80 and 100 records respectively, including the architecture for the configuration of the mobile network controls. 

The component diagram of this architecture shows the dependency between the components, which is used for integration testing. We have created a traceability matrix (TR) document for this dataset to present the related TCs of all requirements, and another document showing all TCs with their previous runs information, such as the description, Coverage Rate (CR), Fault Detection Rate (FDR) and Execution Time (ET) for prioritization, and other documents for TCs' attributes extracted successfully using the IoT-CIRTF.




This dataset is based on the GSM 2014 and GSM 2015 PDFs found as:

GSM, 2014. IoT Device Connection Efficiency Guidelines 1–73.

GSM, 2015. IoT Device Connection Efficiency Common Test Cases 30 January 2015 1–51.


The dataset consists of seven files as follows:

1.IoT-system-requirements.xlsx: it contains the IoT system specifications of GSM 2014 and 2015 in excel format.

2.IoT-system-test-cases.xlsx: it contains the IoT test cases of GSM 2014 and 2015 in excel format.

3. IoT-system-traceability-matrix.xlsx: it contains the traceability matrix we created for these system requirements with their related test cases in excel format.

4. IoT-system-test-cases-attributes-extraction.xlsx: it contains the test cases attributes we extracted from these test cases using our developed IoT-CIRTF in excel format, in terms of coverage rate, fault detection rate and execution time.

5. IoT-system-selected-prioritized-integration-test-cases.xlsx: it contains the test cases selected and prioritized for IoT integration testing we generated, using our developed IoT-CIRTF in excel format.

6. IoT-system-selected-prioritized-regression-test-cases.xlsx: it contains the test cases selected and prioritized for IoT regression testing we generated, using our developed IoT-CIRTF in excel format.

7. IoT-CIRTF Demo.mp4: A demoenstration video for the runtime execution of our developed IoT-CIRTF.