Learning Behavior Analytics Dataset

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This dataset represents the main different unique learning behaviors that may be found in any group of learners in e-learning/educational systems. It represents 20 learners through 17 OERs.


The dataset consists of two files:

1.OER Tracked Behavior.CSV

2.Course Tracked Behavior.CSV


Learning Behavior Analytics Dataset

Submitted by Sherin Moussa on Sat, 08/29/2020 - 12:27

Learning Behavior Analytics Dataset

Submitted by sharul shafie on Thu, 06/24/2021 - 09:30


Submitted by Taehoon Kim on Sun, 06/27/2021 - 20:43

Submitted by Joohwa Lee on Tue, 10/05/2021 - 08:52

Submitted by joohwa lee on Mon, 10/04/2021 - 19:52