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IHC committee
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Masaki Kawamura
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Sun, 01/19/2020 - 05:56
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Although many researchers have been studying watermarking techniques, and many robust schemes have been proposed, there is still a need for explicit criteria that can be used for evaluating watermarking schemes. Even though some schemes are quite robust against existing attacks, it is difficult to fairly compare their levels of robustness. To change this situation, the IHC Committee was working to establish standard evaluation criteria by holding annual watermark competitions. These competitions enhanced  the criteria and hopefully lead to a certain level of consensus on the practicality of using watermarking. Our activities should stimulate researchers to develop better and better watermarking schemes and activate the copyright protection movement in both academia and industry.




Please see the Information Hiding Criteria Ver. 6 document.


This dataset includes the IHC standard movies, which are high quality raw movies. The types of size are 2K and 4K.

The original movies are sampled by 16-bit-depth.



  • 4K-size 16-bit raw movies:



  • 2K-size 16-bit raw movies:
    1. Basketball_00000001.WAV
    2.  Lego_00000001.WAV
    3.  Library_00000001.WAV
    4.  Walk1_00000001.WAV
    5.  Walk2_00000001.WAV



  • 2K-size 8-bit raw movies: [5.3GB each]

A 16-bit raw image file is quantized to 8-bit-depth uncompressed AVI files.

  1.  Basketball.avi
  2.  Lego.avi
  3.  Library.avi
  4.  Walk1.avi
  5.  Walk2.avi



[ Acknowledgments ]

The 2K raw video clips were taken with a Canon Cinema EOS C500 system with support from Canon Inc. The IHC Committee would like to thank this company for its valuable contributions.



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