Computer Network Events

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Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
José Manuel
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Juan Carlos
Dueñas Lopez
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
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Tue, 09/17/2019 - 19:16
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This dataset contains a sequence of network events extracted from a commercial network monitoring platform, Spectrum, by CA. These events, which are categorized by their severity, cover a wide range of events, from a link state change up to critical usages of CPU by certain devices. Regarding the layers they cover, they are focused on the physical, network and application layer. As such, the whole set gives a complete overview of the network’s general state. The environment the dataset was extracted from is composed of a router, six switches and fourteen virtual machines, for a total of 21 devices, that generated 21448 events in 206 days (between 2014/09/06 and 2015/04/09).

The dataset comes from a colaboration with a private company, so all fields have been anonymized.


The dataset is composed by a single plain text file in csv format.  This csv we contains the following variables:

• Severity: the importance of the event. It is divided in four different levels: Blank, Minor, Major and Critical.

• Created On: the date and time when the event was created.Theschemeis"month/day/year hour:minute:second".

• Name: (anonymized) name of the device the event happened on.

• EventType: hexadecimal code detailing the category the event pertains to.

• Event: message associated with the event.


Thus, a certain event will be a combination of an event type on a certain device on a certain time, it will be described by its severity and explained by the event message.

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