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Improving performance and safety conditions on industrial sites remains a key element of the company's strategy. The major challenges require, the ability to dynamically locate people and goods on the site. Security and regulation of access to areas with different characteristics (types of tasks, level of risk or confidentiality...) are often ensured by doors or badge barriers. These means have several weaknesses when faced with inappropriate movements of people, but also an inappropriate use of objects or tools. In addition, there is a growing use of technological devices requiring precise location in the industrial environment, such as mobile robots or drones. It is therefore becoming essential to have the tools to dynamically manage these flows of people or goods associated with precise location technologies. Ultra-wideband and motion capture system solutions will be used to quickly and efficiently identify people who may be in unauthorized areas or perform tasks for which they have not been instructed. In addition to the dynamic tracking of people, this solution overcomes the problems of moving objects and tools around the production floor. We offer a new set of data to provide information on worker movement and to evaluate worker performance and safety.


Dataset of each position of person.

We provide two modalities :

-A motion capture system called Mocap with an millimetric accuracy -An Ultra Wide Band system (The MDEK1001 from Decawave) with a centimeter accuracy.

The dataset is composed of two '.zip' :

  1. Raw_datas_UWB_Mocap.zip : Raw datas of both UWB and Mocap in the same frame of reference. It contains each person (Rig1 to Rig6).

  2. Filtered_datas_UWB.zip : UWB datas filtered.