Finding Solutions to the Climate Change Crisis One Dataset at a Time

According to the United Nations, the world is on the brink of a climate catastrophe. Increased heat waves, droughts, and floods are already affecting billions of people around the world and causing irreversible changes in global ecosystems.

IEEE’s mission is to advance technology for the benefit of humanity, and today, there is no greater threat to humanity than climate change. This is why IEEE is focused on finding solutions to this challenge -- diverting resources to this cause, creating committees, and making research available so the global technical community can do what it does best – innovate for the greater good.

Scientists, engineers, and researchers are critical to finding solutions and slowing the impacts of climate change. Innovation initiatives such as the electrification of transportation, transitioning from oil production to renewable power, and reinforcing and modernizing the power grid to be optimized for low carbon electricity are a few major initiatives spearheaded by IEEE members.

IEEE is a catalyst for enabling effective steps in combating climate change. By bringing together brilliant engineering minds from across the world, IEEE is uniquely positioned to facilitate discussions and share knowledge that promotes solutions.

This mission extends to IEEE DataPort, IEEE’s data platform that enables the storage, sharing and management of research data. By highlighting existing climate change datasets and encouraging the global research community to upload climate change datasets to IEEE DataPort, researchers and the technical community around the world can access and leverage valuable climate change research data. IEEE DataPort’s latest dataset upload contest featured a climate change category to compile research in this area.

Around the world, data is being collected and distributed for some of the most challenging climate change issues. Here are a few examples of climate change datasets that are already available on the IEEE DataPort platform:

In 2023, IEEE DataPort is supporting the IEEE Climate Change initiative to encourage the community to focus its collective efforts on the issues surrounding climate change. We encourage all researchers to upload their valuable datasets to IEEE DataPort to help the research community develop solutions to the climate change crisis.