Mask detection is a task in where it is wanted to detect whether a person is wearing a mask or not. It seems like a simple problem, but some facets, such as the fact that people wear such masks and respirators in a multitude of ways, are often ignored and trivialized to the worn/not worn case.



The database is ready-to-be-used and, due to its size, it was divided into three files:

- WWMR-DB - part and WWMR-DB - part files contain the database images;

- WWMR-DB - file contains the labels in PascalVOC and the YOLO format for each database image.


Due to the limitations imposed by the coronavirus, the database was created by asking volunteers for selfies through Google Forms. For this reason:

- number of images per class

- image quality

- intra-class differences

- rotation of the face

could also have great variations.


Google Forms are still open: if you want to contribute to the database, you can easily submit your images through the following links:

- Front photos (at 0 degrees):

- Side photos (at 45 degrees):

- Profile photos (at 90 degrees):