Systematic Mapping Study

<p>Finding software developers with expertise in specific technologies that align with industry domains is an increasingly critical requirement. However, due to the ever-changing nature of the technology industry, locating these professionals has become a significant challenge for companies and institutions. This research presents a comprehensive overview of studies exploring suitable recommendation systems that can assist companies in addressing this pressing need.


We develop a Systematic Mapping Study to observe the fundamentals and techniques used in Data Curation for Big Data. We focus on computational/mathematical techniques, and application scenarios with the aim of answering the following questions: (i) How Mathematics has contributed in the context of Data Curation? (ii) Are there classes of optimization algorithms being used in the context of Data Curation? If yes, which? (iii) In which application scenarios the Data Curation process has presented greater contributions? Our search was performed in some well-known bibliographic sites.


Code review is a widely used quality assurance technique. From the heavy-weight and manual process that it was first introduced as code review has evolved into a more light-weight and tool-assisted process overtime to support modern software development that demands frequent delivery of source code. A large body of research on code review support exists. To help to understand the state of nature, quality, and evaluation of existing code review support, we conducted a systematic mapping study, a form of systematic literature review (SLR).