Complete List of Studies - Aligning technical knowledge to an industry domain in global software development: a systematic mapping

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De Campos
José Maria
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Vitor de Campos
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Fri, 11/03/2023 - 09:29
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<p>Finding software developers with expertise in specific technologies that align with industry domains is an increasingly critical requirement. However, due to the ever-changing nature of the technology industry, locating these professionals has become a significant challenge for companies and institutions. This research presents a comprehensive overview of studies exploring suitable recommendation systems that can assist companies in addressing this pressing need. To conduct this study, we employ a hybrid systematic mapping approach with an initial number of 1251 studies and a final selection of 21 studies. Our work focuses on collecting data on key technologies, methodologies, and data sets utilized in proposed recommendation systems, with the intention of designing a new recommendation system that can effectively identify specialists capable of aligning specific technical knowledge with industry domains. The outcomes of this study include insights into the current research trends in this field, alongside a practical overview of considerations necessary for developing a recommendation system that successfully meets the criteria for aligning technical skills with industry domains. This research addresses the challenge of finding software developers with domain-specific expertise in a rapidly changing technology industry, laying the groundwork for aligning technical skills with industry domains.</p>


Complete List of Studies for the systematic mapping