This dataset contains the full set of experimental waveforms that were used to produce the article "Non-Linear Phase Noise Mitigation over Systems using Constellation Shaping", published in the Journal of Lightwave Technology with DOI: 10.1109/JLT.2019.2917308.



The dataset contains two files: PartIII_NZDSF.tar and PartIV_GS.tar, corresponding to part III and part IV of the paper. Each file contains: * Transmitted one-sample-per-symbol sequence, that is loaded into the DAC. * Intradyne back-to-back results. * Propagation results over the recirculating loop. All data has been captured with a 50 GS/s Tektronix oscilloscope, and symbol rate is 16 GBaud. Back-to back results are quoted as a function of noise power, i.e. attenuation of the ASE source used for noise loading. Loop results are quoted as a function of the per-channel optical power and recirculation number. Details on the experiment are available on the paper.