mmWave measurement testbed

The dataset is divided into two parts. The measurement dataset and simulation dataset. The measurement dataset contains received power measurements at 28 GHz in an indoor corridor and outdoor open area. The received power and other channel statistics, e.g., root mean square delay spread, power and time of arrival of multipath components, and path loss were obtained using the PXI channel sounder system. Two different gain antennas 17 dBi and 23 dBi were used. The transmitter was fixed, whereas the receiver was moved in a straight line aligned to the boresight of the transmitter antenna.


The fifth-generation cellular networks (5G)has been proposed as a solution for the accelerating growth in data traffic. As part of 5G, millimetre-wave (mmWave) is suggested as one of the potential spectrum candidates due to the vastly available bandwidth. Accordingly, both indoor and outdoor propagation measurements on mmWave have been widely conducted over the recent years. These field measurements were heavily dependent on utilizing expensive channel-sounders and tools.