mmWave measurement program

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Chiu Chun Chan, Ferdi Kurnia, Akram Hourani
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Chiu Chun Chan
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Thu, 11/08/2018 - 10:34
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The fifth-generation cellular networks (5G)has been proposed as a solution for the accelerating growth in data traffic. As part of 5G, millimetre-wave (mmWave) is suggested as one of the potential spectrum candidates due to the vastly available bandwidth. Accordingly, both indoor and outdoor propagation measurements on mmWave have been widely conducted over the recent years. These field measurements were heavily dependent on utilizing expensive channel-sounders and tools. In this paper, we propose an affordable and open-source test-bed solution for mmWave channel modeling covering 24 GHz and 77 GHz bands. The key contribution in the proposed test-bed is the use of costeffective mmWave Doppler radars, a specific methodology is developed for this purpose. The proposed test-bed is capable of resolving the received power at any given combination of angles-of-arrival (AoA) and angles-of-departure (AoD). In order to verify the functionality of the proposed test-bed, several measurement scenarios have been investigated in different indoor environments, the obtained propagation results using this testbed indicate a good consistency with the expected mmWave propagation characteristics. As the proposed test-bed is an open source and cost-effective, researchers and RF designers can easily conduct mmWave propagation measurements according to their particular needs. 


Comply different programs with respect to the corresponding unit i.e. (Base unit, Base station, 24GHz)


For 77GHz radar measurement, RS232<->TTL modules are required for communication between Base Unit and 77GHz radar.

Or connect to the PC using RS232 and run the SiversIMA_Controller.m directly from the PC.

Run the BaseStation program and log into the Base Station CLI using arduino IDE or Putty


Using the following command to control the base unit, 77GHz, 24GHz radars.


//          Command                   Code             Respond

//          Force initialization      NNM01#          ”OK”

//          Reset angle               NNM02#          ”OK”

//          Get status                NNM03#           <text>

//          Get coordinates           NNM04#           S dd.dd / E ddd.dd

//          Get current angle         NNM05#            +/- ssss

//          relay                     NNM06<text>#      "Sent"

//          Go to angle               NNM10(+/-)ssss#   ”Go to +/- ssss”

//          Set 24GHz VCO voltage     NNM23VV#          "Set VCO to VV"

//    Perform Sweeping from     NNM22VVVV#Measurement data

    VV to VV

//    Troubleshooting      NNM21#Measurement data


The 77GHz radar command please refer to Sivers IMA RS3400 manual.