feed storage and common poultry diseases

The demand for poultry products will keep rising as the world's population rises. One of the most significant and rapidly expanding economic sectors of India's agriculture sector is poultry. To meet this demand, increasing housing and managing more chicken birds is one potential technique to boost productivity. It will become more challenging for producers to keep track of the health, production, and welfare conditions of all of their birds as a result of this technique, labour shortages, and escalating biosecurity measures.


Poultry information such as number of male and female, rate of chick mortality in each week, amount of feed and medicine given to each chick and cull’s rate of week 1 to week 69 is obtained from Sabarhi Hatcheries in Palladam, Tamil Nadu, India.  Sabarhi Hatcheries is recognised by Central Poultry Development Organization of India. The hatchery area is divided into five sections like work space, egg storage and processing, incubation, hatching, cleaning, and clean-up.

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