distributed energy resources

This dataset contains (1) the Simulink model of a three-phase photovoltaic power system with passive anti-islanding protections like over/under current (OUC), over/under voltage (OUV), over/under frequency (OUF), rate of change of frequency (ROCOF), and dc-link voltage and (2) the results in the voltage source converter and the point of common coupling of the photovoltaic system during islanding operation mode and detection times of analyzed anti-islanding methods.


This is the datasheet for the examined  30-unit test system including 14 DG (indexed from 1 to 14), 4 IG (indexed from 15 to 18), 4 FD (indexed from 19 to 22), 4 ID (indexed from 23 to 26) and 4 ES units (indexed from 27 to 30), and the datasheet for the plug-and-play test system with 4 new plugged in DER including 2 DG (indexed from 31 to 32) and 2 FD (indexed from 33 to 34) .


When batteries supply behind-the-meter services such as arbitrage or peak load management, an optimal controller can be designed to minimize the total electric bill. The limitations of the batteries, such as on voltage or state-of-charge, are represented in the model used to forecast the system's state dynamics. Control model inaccuracy can lead to an optimistic shortfall, where the achievable schedule will be costlier than the schedule derived using the model.