authentication; security; behaviour

This dataset is used to illustrate an application of the "klm-based profiling and preventing security attack (klm-PPSA)" system. The klm-PPSA system is developed to profile, detect, and then prevent known and/or unknown security attacks before a user access a cloud. This dataset was created based on “a.patrik” user logical attempts scenarios when accessing his cloud resources and/or services. You will find attached the CSV file associated with the resulted dataset. The dataset contains 460 records of 13 attributes (independent and dependent variables).



Intending to cover the existing gap regarding behavioral datasets modelling interactions of users with individual a multiple devices in Smart Office to later authenticate them continuously, we publish the following collection of datasets, which has been generated after having five users interacting for 60 days with their personal computer and mobile devices. Below you can find a brief description of each dataset.