TST Intake Monitoring dataset v1

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Enea Cippitelli, Ennio Gambi, Samuele Gasparrini, Susanna Spinsante
Submitted by:
Susanna Spinsante
Last updated:
Thu, 11/08/2018 - 10:34
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The dataset contains depth frames collected using Microsoft Kinect v1 during the execution of food and drink intake movements.


– The dataset is composed by the executions of food and drink intake actions performed by 35 young actors.

Each actor repeated each action 1/2 times, generating a total number of 48 sequences. For each sequence, the following data are available:

This code can be used to read data with MATLAB, and to convert the depth frame from pixel domain to the point cloud domain:



If you use the dataset, please cite the following paper:

S. Gasparrini, E. Cippitelli, E. Gambi, S. Spinsante and F. Florez-Revuelta, “Performance Analysis of Self-Organising Neural Networks Tracking Algorithms for Intake Monitoring Using Kinect,” 1st IET International Conference on Technologies for Active and Assisted Living (TechAAL), 6th November 2015, Kingston upon Thames (UK).