Testing data for 6-DoF magnetically levitated positioner

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Wuhan Univerisity
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Fengqiu Xu
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Tue, 05/17/2022 - 22:17
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As the uploaded files are .opj format and opened by OriginLab, the uploaded files have contained the corresponding figures.


There are 7 .opj files in the uploaded ZIP file as below. The first data file is the solutions from different force model, and the last 6 files are the testing data reflecting the motion profiles.

1. "Comparison between different force model" file illustrates the magnetic force measurement, and solutions of linear MLA with a constant yaw angle. The solutions contain the boundary element results, the analytical model not considering the yaw angle, and the analytical model considering the yaw angle.

2. "Resolution" file illustrates the motion resolutions in different axes due to the step response.

3."Travel_range_error-pid" file illustrate the levitator moves along a sine trajectory in the motion range one by one, and the error for the other axes.

4. "Step-xyz" file illustrate the maglev system undertakes a series of 1mm step in the horizontal plane and the affection to different axis. Meanwhile, the comparison test highlights the decoupling effects based on the different force model.

5. "Step-response-pid" file illustrate the maglev system undertakes the consistence step response in yaw and the affects to the other axes. Meanwhile, the comparative test highlights the decoupling effects based on the different force model.

6. "Circle-pid" file illustrate the maglev system accomplish normalized circle trajectory tracking tasks in different testing conditions.

7. "Payload" file illustrates the payload capacity, and the data shows that the payload capacity is not affected by the inherent yaw angle of the levitator.