Statistical Analysis of Silicon PV Module Solution Parameters

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Peter Michael
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Sat, 03/18/2023 - 11:23
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A statistical subset of 385 PV modules was extracted from 10,413 silicon single-sided PV Modules from the California Solar Equipment database.

From the PV characteristic of the number of series PC cells Ns, open circuit voltage Voc, maximum power voltage Vmp, maximum power current Imp, and short circuit current Is, the solutions from the 5 Parameter Model were found for each.

5 parameter values: diode ideality factor η, series resistance Rs, parallel resistance Rp, photon light current IL, and diode reverse saturation current Io.

The data was analyzed to support the simplification of PV equations at short circuit, open circuit, and maximum power.

The analysis showed that at short circuit conditions the diode current term can be removed.
At maximum power and open circuit conditions to "-1" term in the diode equation can be removed.


The spreadsheet summarizes for columns A to K, the source sample number, the sample number, PV Module manufacturer, the model number, technology, and nameplate data for the specific module.
Columns K and L calculate the maximum power and compare it to the nameplate's stated power.
Columns O to T takes solved values from calculations from a simultaneous transcendental equation solver.
Columns V to Y calculated data at short circuit conditions and Columns AA & AB for open circuit conditions.
Columns AD and AE calculate maximum power conditions.
Cells in rows 388 to 391 show the high, low, average, and standard deviation for parameters and calculations at each condition