Spectral Signatures

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Mohamad Awad
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Tue, 08/08/2023 - 13:56
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A spectral signatures database of major crops in the East Mediterranean basin was created to support remote sensing applications specifically satellite hyperspectral and multispectral image classification. Moreover, it can be used to compute many important hyperspectral vegetation indices such as:

Atmospherically Resistant Vegetation Index (ARVI)

Modified Chlorophyll Absorption Ratio Index (MCARI)

Modified Chlorophyll Absorption Ratio Index - Improved (MCARI2)

Modified Red Edge Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (MRENDVI)

Modified Red Edge Simple Ratio (MRESR)

Modified Triangular Vegetation Index (MTVI)

Modified Triangular Vegetation Index - Improved (MTVI2)

Red Edge Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (RENDVI)

The collection of spectral signatures was achieved using fieldwork and an advanced SpectroRadiometer that is currently available in the Remote Sensing Center in Lebanon (ASD FIeldSpec 4 HiRes). The device covers the spectrum from the visible to shortwave ranges (350 to 2550 nanometers).


The Excel file includes spectral signatures of some crops. The wavelength covered by each signature is from 350 to 2550 nanometers.  Part of the wavelengths need to be filtered due to noise caused by water absorption of some specific spectrum in the atmosphere. If the spectral signatures are to be used to classify specific satellite images, they must be resampled based on the input wavelength space using FWHM information for the satellite sensors. This can be done easily in ENVI.

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