Spectral images - 8 varieties of maize seeds

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Changchun University of Science and Technology
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Hang Xue
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Mon, 06/03/2024 - 07:27
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This dataset consists of near-infrared spectral images of eight different varieties of corn seeds, classified as FH759, JL59,JY54,JY205, LH205,XX5, ZY2207, SY81. Each variety contains images of embryonic and endosperm surfaces, with 50 samples per image. The wavelength range is 881-1715 nm.

The hyperspectral image acquisition system mainly includes a line scanning spectrometer (ImSpector N17E, 900-1700 nm, Spectral Imaging Ltd, Oulu, Finland), a 1600×1200 pixel CCD camera (Bobcat ICL-1410, IMPERX Inc., FL, USA), a bilateral 150W halogen lamp linear light source (IT3900, Illumination Technologies, NY, USA), a precision one-dimensional displacement platform (IRCP-0076-400, Isuzu Optics Corp, Taiwan, China), a dark box with a size of 1.2×1.4×0.5 m3, and a computer for control and data acquisition. The images have been black and white corrected.


Images can be opened and processed in ENVI.