Small Business Cyber(Web) Security 2020-2021

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Cyber attacks are a growing concern for small businesses during COVID-19 . Be Protected While You Work. Upgrade Your Small Business's Virus Protection Today!

Before going for a Cyber security solutions for small to mid-sized businesses deliver enterprise-level protection.

Download this (Checklist for a Small Firm's Cybersecurity Program 2020-2021) data set to deploy secure functioning of various aspects of your small business including, employee data, website and more.

This checklist is provided to assist small member firms with limited resources to establish a cybersecurity program to identify and assess cybersecurity threats,
- protect assets from cyber intrusions,
- detect when their systems and assets have been compromised,
- plan for the response when a compromise occurs and implement a plan to recover lost, stolen or unavailable assets.
-Train employees in security principles.
- Protect information, computers, and networks from malware attacks.
- Provide firewall security for your Internet connection.
- Create a mobile device action plan.
- Make backup copies of important business data and information.
- Learn about the threats and how to protect your website.
- Protect Your Small Business site.
- Learn the basics for protecting your business web sites from cyber attacks at WP Hacked Help Blog

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Follow the checklist points mentioned in the CSV file. Each tab contains different checklist for various departments. This has been prepared with consultation & inputs from web security malware removal experts at WP Hacked Help.



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