Simulation Experimental Dataset for Underwater Cooperative Navigation and Formation Control of DSUA-IVV using DSUA Sensors.

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Jiwen Zhang
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Sat, 02/10/2024 - 02:52
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This dataset captures the results of a simulation experiment on underwater collaborative navigation and formation control techniques for DSUA-IVV using DSUA sensors. The data includes the following: 1) the leader and follower's position, velocity amplitude, and motion direction in a fixed formation. 2) The leader and follower's location and amplitude of velocity during the formation transition process. 3) DSUA sensor sensitivity analysis data. Code files for processing and visualizing this data are also included in the dataset.


The dataset compression package provides three datasets for storing different experiments:

1) The folder named "Fixed Formation" stores the dataset under a fixed formation in this simulation experiment, and users can view the data in MATLAB;

2) The folder named "Changing Formation" contains the dataset and processing code of the formation transformation process in this simulation experiment. Users can view the data in MATLAB;

3) The folder named "Sensitivity Analysis of DSUA Sensor" contains the dataset and processing code for sensitivity analysis of DSUA sensors in this simulation experiment. Users can view the data in MATLAB.

The script compression package provides three processing scripts with the same name to store different experiments. Before running, users need to put the files in the same folder of the dataset and script compression package together, and then run them in MATLAB to view the data processing results.

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the Laboratory of Science and Technology on Marine Navigation and Control, China State Shipbuilding Corporation
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