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This dataset contains laser scans of PCBs as explained in "Fault Diagnosis in Microelectronics Attachment via Deep Learning Analysis of 3D Laser Scans". On the left and right image, we have a closer look at one circuit module of a PCB , before and after die attachment. Notice the different types of glue annotated as A, B, C, D and E. On each circuit there are four glue deposits on each type where approximately the same quantity of glue has been placed. As explainedin our paper the top three deposits are used for training and the bottom one for testing. On top, we see a magnified view of glue regions before and after the attachment of dies.


An important step in microelectronics manufacturing is the attachment of ICs on an LCP substrate. To this end glue is dispensed on the LCP and the critical parameter that has to be monitored is the volume of deposited glue. The dataset contains point cloud from 3 PCBs that were scanned with a high resolution laser sensor as well as ground truth files containing the volume of glue that is deposited on each PCB region. Each PCB contains 18 identical circuits with each circuit comprising 20 regions where IC are (going to be) attached. These regions are divided in five categories (A,B,C,D,E) corresponding to the different type of IC that are (going to be) attached. To enable modelling of measurement noise each PCB is scanned five times, whereas an augmentation step is followed. The naming convention that is followed is:pcb_{id of PCB}_scan_{id of scan}_acc_{scanning accuracy}_type_{category of region}_{whether IC has been attached}_circ_{id of circuit}_row_{row on the circuit}_x{augmentation along x}_y{augmentation along y}_z{augmentation along z}.ply.For a detailed explanation of the dataset pleaser refer to "Fault Diagnosis in Microelectronics Attachment via Deep Learning Analysis of 3D Laser Scans" by Dimitriou et al. accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics

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