A numerical simulation of ionospheric scintillation mitigation by chemical release

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Associate professor
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Jie Feng
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Thu, 04/11/2024 - 22:20
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A method is proposed to reduce the electron density irregularity by injecting chemicals into the scintillation region and attaching electrons by chemical reaction with the background ionosphere. A physical model of ionospheric scintillation mitigation based on the release of electron density depletion chemicals is established. The evolution process of electron density irregularities reduction, plasma instability growth rate and beacon amplitude phase fluctuation before and after scintillation mitigation were simulated. The simulation results show that this method can better mitigate scintillation, and after the elimination of the electron density irregularities, the growth rate of ionospheric instability decreases, no new scintillation phenomenon will be triggered in a short time, and the signal quality is significantly improved.


1.‘Ne_irregularity’ is the data of electron density distribution in the ionospheric scintillation region.

2. ‘Ne_mitigation’ is the electron density of the scintillation mitigated by the release of electron attachment chemicals.