IRS-Multispectral-Remote Sensing Data(LISS-III+LISS-II)

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Saroj K.
Neeta S.
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Saroj K. Meher
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Tue, 05/17/2022 - 22:17
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This multispectral remote sensing image data contained pixels of size (1024 x 1024) for the region around Kolkata city in India and was obtained with LISS-III sensor. There are four spectral bands, i.e., two from visible spectrum (green and red) and two from the infrared spectrum (near-infrared and shortwave infrared). The spatial resolution and spectral variation over the wavelength are 23.5m and 0.52 - 1.7 μm, respectively.

Another multispectral RS image was taken by Indian remote sensing satellite with LISS-II sensor. The image covers the regions of Kolkata city in India. It contains (512 x 512) pixels with 0.45 - 0.86μm spectral variation of wavelength and 36.25m spatial resolution. It consists of four spectral bands, i.e., the blue band (band 1), green band (band 2), red band (band 3) and near-infrared band (band 4).



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