Improving the Performance of Low Voltage Networks by an Optimized Unbalance Operation of Three-Phase Distributed Generators

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This work focuses on using the full potential of PV inverters in order to improve the efficiency of low voltage networks. More specifically, the  independent per-phase control capability of PV three-phase four-wire inverters, which are able to inject different active and reactive powers in each phase, in order to reduce the system phase unbalance is considered.  This new operational procedure is analyzed by raising an optimization problem which uses a very accurate modelling of European low voltage networks. The paper includes a comprehensive quantitative comparison of the proposed strategy with two state-of-the-art methodologies to highlight the obtained benefits. The achieved results evidence that the proposed independent per-phase control of three-phase PV inverters improves considerably the network performance contributing to increase the penetration of renewable energy sources.


The data is divided in 3 folders:

- cases: contains all the topology, electrical parameters and power data.

- graphs: contains all the graphic results.

- output: contains the optimization results and final state of each case.


Dear Fang Zhang,
I am doing my master thesis on PQ noise analysis and this datasheet looks very related and useful. Since I do not have access to the dataset, would you please share it with me or send to I would highly appreciate if you could send me the related Matlab scrips if you have.
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