Image Quality Metrics and Radiologists' Scores

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This raw data was used in a study looking at the correlations between 10 image quality metrics (IQMs) and the subjective image quality scores of expert radiologists. Nine MR images of the abdomin and of the brain were retrospectively degraded by noise, motion, undersampling, compression, and blurring. Each of these images we then evaluated by the radiologists and the IQM scores were calculated. This data set is made up of the radiologists' scores and the IQM scores.


There are three body radiologist scores and two neuro radiologists scores. The body radiologists scores the images in liv1, liv2, liv3, panc1, panc2, panc3, pros1, pros2, and pros3. The neuroradiologists scored the three AxT2Flair sets, AxT2Prop, and SagT1Flair sets.