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Junyan Li
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Wed, 05/01/2024 - 09:59
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This dataset comprises a diverse array of image files, each captured using either a mobile phone or a camera. The primary subject of these images is experiment reports, reflecting a wide range of experimental scenarios. These images have been taken in various environments, showcasing the flexibility of the dataset in accommodating different shooting conditions. Formatted as JPG documents, the images exhibit variations in size, offering a rich diversity for analysis. The dataset holds significant potential for image analysis tasks, such as identifying patterns or trends within the experiment reports. Moreover, it can be utilized for image cutting purposes, enabling researchers to extract specific segments of interest for further examination or presentation. The versatility and breadth of this image dataset make it a valuable resource for researchers across multiple disciplines, facilitating exploration, analysis, and visualization of experimental data in novel and insightful ways.


Unzip the compressed file to a folder, then copy the folder name to the corresponding location in the code.

The image data is organized in a three-tiered folder structure, with Folder1/Folder2/Folder3/Image representing the hierarchy. When using it, rename Folder1 and copy it to the corresponding location in the code.