Data Set for Time-Varying Industrial Radio Channels in Varying Environment

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TU Dresden
TU Dresden
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Friedrich Burmeister
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Fri, 09/22/2023 - 05:20
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Modern, industrial use cases for wireless communications are related to mobile applications such as moving robotics in industrial environments. For the design of communication systems, the behavior of the radio channel, especially over time, is of great importance. Most of the existing data sets for industrial radio channels originate from static measurement procedures, containing an arbitrary subset of the environment. Our data set for industrial radio channels originates from a measurement campaign that equipped a moving measurement setup to continuously measure the radio channel over time with a very high measurement frequency of 1kHz. By measuring channel frequency responses with this temporal resolution, the correlations in time and frequency of the radio channel are represented in the data set. With the help of a constant vehicle trajectory and a time-varying environment due to added obstacles between measurement repetitions, the impact of a time-varying environment (10 measurement scenarios in total) is included in the data set as well.


The measurement data is provided in the form of MATLAB-arrays (*.mat-files) that can easily loaded using MATLAB. In case of Python utilization, the provides the corresponding load command (mat ='file.mat')) to load *.mat-files in a Python environment.

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German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the project AI4Mobile
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