Crane spreader acceleration data for impacts detection

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Klaipeda University
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Sergej Jakovlev
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Wed, 09/07/2022 - 13:14
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This dataset presents the acceleration values of the spreader with the attached containers that are being unloaded from a container ship, as well as detected impacts to the vertical cell guides and other containers during hooking procedures inside the ship for 102 cycles. This dataset was partially used in a recent publication:


The file includes all the details necessary to understand the acceleration values, while the provided link to the publication demonstrates the handling cycles between 1 to 7, to assess where the spreader is located at any given moment in time and its movement trajectory, as well as detected impacts to the surrounding infrastructure along all 3 axes of movement.

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This research was funded by Klaipeda University project JKSMART. This project has received funding from European Regional Development Fund (project No. 01.2.2-LMT-K-718-03-0001) under a grant agreement with the Research Council of Lithuania (LMTLT).
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